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With a concept that every child deserves a loving family to belong to; We believe that with every baby that is born, God has already prepared a family for that particular child.
There are certain criteria that has to be met by the intending couple to adopt a child from Mother's Hope :
The couple should be from northeastern region of India only. (If you belong to any other part of the country, you may contact us, we would get back to you if the MH administrative body decides to consider your case.)
The age of couple should be 45 years and below.
Should be married for minimum of 7 to 10 years.( Marriage should be stable).
Have no biological children. If they have only girls and no boys or vice versa. We entertain such cases.
Immediate families of the couple should give their consent for adoption.
For any adoption related query or to seek an appointment contact us through E-mail, post or phone. (click here for Contact Details)