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Ms. Moamenla Jamir

Dear precious partners & friends,

First of all, I want to Praise the almighty God for his faithfulness, grace and mercy upon Mother’s Hope. I am very glad to announce that we are launching our website which had been one of our goals.

I, personally and Mother’s Hope family with the launch of our web site, would like to wish you a blessed, fulfilling New Year. As you visit our website, I believe you will be blessed and greatly encouraged to see what God has achieved through Mother’s Hope with your help and support.

I want to thank our patrons for the constant love, prayer support and generous donation (both cash and kind) they have given to Mother’s Hope.

We couldn't have made it without all of you.

Thank you again for being involved and supporting us in every step.

God bless you!

Ms. Moamenla Jamir

You can be from any part of the world. The basic requisite to be an Angel of Mother's Hope is willingness ,sincerity and to work for the glory of God. You can become a Mother's hope angel by contacting us at mothershope@rediffmail.com for more details & information.

Pregnant girls coming from abusive difficult home, who cannot return back to their homes, we we provide them moral support and sponsor them to finish their education. We also asist them in finding a suitable job. We care about their secure future.
Providing awareness on sex education & preventive measure are one such features, along with seminars held from time to time with different groups educating them about the facts of life and how they have the ability or right to make smart choice.