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Mother’s Hope is located in Dimapur town of India ’s northeastern Nagaland state. You can contact us by via post, e-mail or telephone. (Click here to contact us)

You can help volunteer to help Mother's Hope by becoming a Full time staff as well as a part time staff ,to know more about the criteria and the requirement to become a staff /Volunteer E- mail us at mothershope@rediffmail.com You can also help Mother's Hope by becoming a Mother's Hope angel of your area and create awareness and send the message of Mother's Hope for those in need of the services of Mother's Hope .Just contact us at the above E - mail for full details.

Adoption is a legal process that creates a new, permanent parent-child relationship where one didn't exist before. The adoption proceedings take place in court before a Judge.
Adoption bestows on the adoptive parent(s) all the rights and responsibilities of a legal parent, and gives the child being adopted all the social, emotional, and legal rights and responsibilities of a family member.

Unwed mothers/Girls going through crisis pregnancies in Mother's Hope are that they unwed mothers/pregnant girl) must bring someone who is willing to take up the responsibility (We have medical facilities with full time medical staff) in case the baby or the mother dies while they are here at Mother's Hope. We have certain house rules which the girls have to follow while staying here at Mother's Hope. We also provide bible studies ,counseling and engage them in creative arts woks during their stay here in mother's Hope.

We charge NOTHING!. All services rendered by Mother's Hope are FREE!

Since we deal with unwed mothers/girls going through crisis pregnancy the staffs here at Mother's Hope strictly maintains confidentiality about the girls whom we render unconditional support. There are various departments dealing with different works in the organisation. The different departments are :

  • Pregnant Girls Departments(PGs)
  • Baby Care Department
  • Accounts section
  • Computers & Clerical section
  • Medical Department
  • Kitchen and Laundry staffs