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Hi, my name is Sofia (name changed ). I am from eastern Part of Nagaland, India. I was an innocent and outgoing fun to be with kind of girl. I was born on May 1989. When I was only 14 years old and still doing my schooling, I was raped by my own cousin (Father’s sister son ) aged 20. I was very angry and frighten and was in deep depression. My family members wanted me to abort the child which I was carrying . I really didn’t know what to do. One of my cousins told me about Mother’s Hope and I moved in there and delivered my baby a Mother's Hope. I relinquished my baby girl for adoption. Since I am quite young for motherhood and with no financial and moral support from my family, So, relinquishment of my baby for adoption was the only option for me.


Hello! I am 19 years old girl from Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagaland. My mom died when I was quite young. When I was 18 years of age I fell sick. While I sick in bed, my own biological father raped me. That's how I got pregnant. Only my elder sister and aunt knew about the rape incident. My father threatened me not to tell anyone. And when my pregnancy started showing, he told me to tell others that I got impregnate by some other friend of mine. I was shattered emotionally, physically and psychologically. I couldn’t stay at my place any more. I left home and stayed at my aunt’s place and she helped me understood what I was going through. At last, I heard about Mother’s Hope from my aunt. I came here and delivered my baby and I have given my kid for adoption as that seemed the only way to me. Now by God's grace I am doing much fine leading a new found life. With the financial (as well as emotional support from Mother's Hope), I am doing a short term theological studies. Since the the question of going back to my family does not arise, Mother's Hope is the only family I have and Lord Jesus as my comforter, I am now facing life head on. I don't know what life holds for me but I am giving up on nothing! That is what I learnt in MH. - Thank you Mother's Hope for the love & compassion you have shown to me.

Hello ! I am a 23 year old girl, with a outgoing personality, easy to get along with. I am the eldest of seven sibling in our family. My real mom died long time back and after her deatth my father remarried. My story is about a perfect love story going haywire at the end. (I guess, I made wrong choice). I met this handsome young man through a friend of mine, who proposed me and promised to marry me. I too fell in love with him gradually. Slowly one thing led to another and after a short period of time I realized I was carrying his child. When I went with the news to my B/F, he refused to take responsibility or sed, moreover my step-mother warned me to do away with the child, and whatever it is not to come back home with the child. The attitude of my father too was aloof. There was never so much tension in my life. I desperately wanted to save my baby. Fortunately I came to know about MH from a friend of mine. I came and delivered my baby (a very cute, fair, chubby cheeked, dark eyed baby boy). Here at MH I came to know Lord Jesus and how to begin a new life by learning from my mistake. On my last day at MH, it was the time I cried my heart out for my baby because I was leaving him. If only my B/F or my parent was willing to accept the cute baby they have never seen, my life could have been a very different story. (I guess that's the harsh reality of life we gotta face). But I still and will always pray for my sweetest little baby where ever he goes, may the Grace of Almighty God be always upon him.