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Become Sponsor
Mother’s Hope welcomes you to be a sponsor for baby cot. Sponsoring a baby means your willingness to donate the amount which Mother’s Hope spends on baby care. You can sponsor ‘cot’ for single baby or any number of babies. Your donation of will cover the entire variable cost of looking after one infant/child at Mother’s Hope for one month or more. You may give your donation in cash or in kind. Donations to Mother’s Hope are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G (5) of Income Tax Act. 1961. Your name/company name will be displayed in the baby’s cot for the period if you sponsor a baby’s cot or more for a year. You will also receive update on the progress of the baby you have sponsored as long as the baby is in Mother’s Hope care. If you are willing to become a sponsor, Click here to contact us
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